There’s More to Losing Weight than Numbers on a Scale

In the last few blog articles, I’ve focused on what I’ve been eating, and I mentioned that I have lost 6 pounds so far. But a friend of mine reminded me, that it’s not all about the numbers on a scale. And she’s right. As the title of this blog says it’s really about “Healthy Living.” And that’s what I’m doing again. I am living healthy. I’m eating right. I’m exercising and the proof is not only on the scale, but it’s in the way I feel and how my clothes are fitting.

Yep! My clothes are getting looser already. Happy dance! 🙂

It’s weird. Whenever I do eat well, I feel so good, that I don’t understand why I ever stop doing this. That’s not true. I do understand it… I have had a fear of success. A fear of “what will people think of me” when I lose weight. And I also wasn’t all that crazy about how my face looked when I was skinny. I’m getting older now, but I will not have plastic surgery, no matter how many lines or wrinkles my face may have. I watched Nip Tuck too many times to imagine anyone slicing my face open. Ugh!

I really am in a different mindset this time. Last fall, I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within workshop. It was amazing! If you ever have the chance to go, take it. I left there so energized, and I started losing weight then, but I got caught up in the holidays, blah blah blah.  Really no excuse. I’ve been listening again to some tapes I have from Tony, and now I’m much more confident that I have turned my life around, and I’m not going back to that unhealthy person.

My goal is to live to be 100 – with all my mental and physical capabilities intact. I know that what I’m doing now will serve me well to reach that goal.

So that’s it. No food report today. Just know that I have been eating healthy. Ok. One hint. Last night, I served fried shrimp to my hubby and son, but I didn’t have any! Instead, I had yummy scallops that I cooked in some butter on the stove. They were fantastic. I had a salad too.

If you’re thinking about going on a diet, don’t. Choose instead to eat healthy foods. You’ve got to make this a lifelong change. When I get to my goal, I may occasionally indulge in a treat. But it will be that. An indulgence. And not something I will do every day.

Tomorrow, I’m doing a 5K run. Can’t wait to see how I do. Hoping all this healthy living will mean an improved running time from the first 5K I did back in December. Wish me  luck!


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